Google 20


I installed the robot software onto my computer and began playing around with it. I opened Scratch and tried out some of the basic functions. I only had time to try out one of the servos and did a few rotation commands with that.


Today I worked a long time trying to figure out why the robot wasn't working. We tried a lot of things and finally only had time for a couple basic motions but I will be able to do more next week.


Today I was able to get the robot up and running quickly and got to play with them a lot more. I used the tri-color LEDS, servos, and vibrators. Made some cool colors with the lights and the vibrators were pretty interesting.


Today I tried out the finch robot for the first time and tried to get some of the commands to work. It's a lot more fun to work with than the hummingbird because it can actually move.

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