Scratch Lab #6

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Scratch Lab #6 Write Up

Question #1

An "if" statement will only run though its code if the codition was met, otherwise it will just be skipped over. "If, else" makes it so that if the condition isn't met, such else will have to happen.

Question #2

To make this code simpler, it is clear either way you want to move 10 steps, so just place the "move 10 steps" after an "if" statement and it will move either way wther the statement is met or not.

Question #3

Students that are described by this conditional are those who are not seniors and are either on the soccer team or in band, not both.

Question #4

Seniors who are not in the band or the soccer team have now been included.

Question #5

Put the number you are attempting to figure out in the first space and 15 in the second and if this is a multiple of 15 it will equal 0.

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