Scratch Lab #7

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Scratch Lab #7 Write Up

Question #1

Using blocks for code repetition is advantageous because: 1. Makes code shorter and less cluttered and 2. Makes it easier to find problems in your code and debug.

Question #2

Parameters are simply placeholders for values that are defined in your code blocks.

Question #3

The Pythagorean Theorum takes parameters to calculate the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

Question #4

A situation where parameters are not needed is when performing actions that are set, not with variables that need to correspond to the defined block.

Question #5

This program asks for names that are to be put into an alphabetical list. It does this repeatdly getting a name, adding to the list, then uses the letters of the name to compare to the others, then puts them in a list and repeats until everything is correct.

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